The DESOLA Album Launch – blogged by author and leadership and empowerment expert Adeola Akintoye

The first time I heard her led the worship in Church, I was blown by the voice of an angel in the midst of man. She sang with her soul in the Spirit of the living God who has blessed her with vocal cords from which come forth angelic tunes.

A young woman with a passion to serve and worship God. It pleases my soul to celebrate this daughter of the Most High God; who has taken a step of faith to live out and use her God-given gift for His glory. She confronted her fears and boldly followed her passion. Her decision is one that God will honor.

Desola lives to spread the living word of truth through her music, following a revelation from God in Isaiah 61:1. ┬áThe debut album expresses that yielding to God’s call and doing His will brings you to a place of rest and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Sunday 14th of December 2014 at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton Hotel in London is the launching of Desola’s debut album titled ‘Rest’. I will be there by God’s grace and look forward to partaking of this glorious event. This is only the beginning for this beautiful sista with the voice of an angel.

Rest! in the Lord.

Thank you so much Adeola!
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