A little bit about Desola…

Desola is a UK based singer/ songwriter, gospel artist and worship leader who is in love with God and passionate for the gospel to be heard through all generations.
Desola lives to spread the living word of truth through music, following a personal revelation from God in Isaiah 61:1. Her natural ability to connect with the listener ensures that the truth of God is not diluted or compromised but is presented in a creative and melodious way, inspired by the Spirit of God.

The truth sets one free.

Desola began singing at a young age, and despite singing in churches and with numerous choirs during this time, it was but a few years ago that she yielded to the unrelenting call of God into the music ministry. A desire to become a gospel artist was then birthed. God opened many doors including making a way to allow this project to come to fruition.
Her debut album titled “Rest” expresses that yielding to God and doing his will brings you to a place of rest, a place of peace that passes all understanding.

Desola’s eclectic musical tastes – from neo –soul and jazz to RnB and traditional gospel are reflected in her songs and her writing is poignant and heartfelt. This album will minister to the soul.

Uplifting ballads such as ‘Flying High’,’ This Time’ and up tempo tunes such as ‘Follow me’, ‘Joy Unspeakable’, and ‘Who are you? ‘Shed light to her diversity and virtuosity. The listener will be transported on journey that will be undoubtedly draw them closer to the God of love and they will be encouraged to see that there is no limit to what He can do!


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